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  CNN    Weekend Early Start    News/Business. Randi Kaye. The  
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    May 12, 2013
    3:00 - 4:01am PDT  

who are looking for their loved ones. if you have any information about any of the missing people that you saw tonight during this program please call the national center for missing and exploited children. the number is 1-800-the-lost. or 1-800-843-5678. also kris mohandie, john walsh. thank you so much. [ applause ] thanks for watching, everybody. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta this is "early start weekend." >> do you worry now that people will always suspect that you actually did have a role? speaking out for the very first time in a cnn world exclusive. pedro and onel castro brothers of the accused rapest and kidnapper sit down with martin savidge. what they say about their
brother's alleged crimes. you may be shocked to hear who police have in custody. another black eye for the irs. new details that officials there may have been targeting conservative groups well before the 2012 election. look at this video. a wall of ice. we'll tell you where it is and how it happened. it's sunday, may 12th, i'm brianna keilar, it's 6:00 on the east coast. thank you for spending your day with us. we begin this morning with breaking news into cnn world exclusive. when ariel castro was arrested, police also arrested his two brothers, showing their faces to the world. in the minds of many, all three men were monsteres, but last thursday police released pedro and onel castro saying neither
man had anything to do with the kidnapper of gina dejesus, amanda berry and michelle knight. both men sat down to talk about their brother and the ordeal. let's bring in susan candiotti. she's live in cleveland following this. good morning, susan. >> hi, brianna. when ariel castro was arrested, police also arrested his two brothers showing their faces to the world. in the minds of many a, all three men were monsteres. now, these men, the two brothers are grateful, are grateful that the young women and a 6-year-old child are now free and safe, but they're haunted by missed clues and also haunted by the media. here's more of martin's report.
>> do you worry now that people will always suspect that you actually did have a role? >> absolutely. >> yes. >> and the people out there that know me know that onil castro is not that person and has nothing to do with that. i was very liked person, individual. i have never had any enemies. no reason for anybody to think that i would ever do something like that. shock to all my friends. they couldn't believe it. >> i could never think of doing anything like that. if i knew my brutter w ete etet this in a minute i would call the cops because that ain't right.
but, yeah, it's going to haunt me down because people are going to think pedro got something to do with this. pedro don't have nothing to do with this. if i knew, i would have reported it. brother or no brother. >> now, you can see much more of martin's exclusive interview, including hearing the one strange rule they say ariel castro demanded his brothers follow when inside his home. plus, you'll hear what they say happened when one brother confronted ariel about the mysterious little girl that looked so much like him. that and so much more beginning tomorrow morning. >> susan candiotti, thank you for that. be sure to tune in to "starting point" at 7:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. that's where you can see the entire interview with ariel castro's brothers. dramatic new video just in to cnn of police breaking down the door of ariel castro's home
to free michelle knight and gina dijesus. this is cell phone video coming from cbs news and taken by a woman. they stopped monday in front of the infamous house when they saw squad cars and flashing lights. the women who lived nearby that they thought they were being pulled over. instead, they got to witness one of the most dramatic hostage rescue. she said that gina dejesus was shaking and huddled together with the other survivors. amanda berry was crying like she was amazed. new details of the horrors that police say unfolded for nearly a decade in cleveland. we know michelle knight and amanda berry and gina dejesus were bound and gagged in the basement of this home. the women spent several years in
shackles under ground. according to woio, it was only until after the daughter was born that the women were moved to separate rooms upstairs. meantime, the source tells woio that castro would stop feeding any woman who act aed out or tried to escape. according to the station, it was berry's daughter who told the women that castro left the house setting the stage for her mother's daring escape. a cleveland pr firm that specializes in crisis management is expected to issue a statement on behalf of all three kidnapping statements. it is representing the women pro bono. inwomen have not spoken publicly since the rescue almost a week ago. new this morning, police say they've made an arrest in the stabbing death of an 8-year-old dwurl. this is a case that shocked a small northern california town and this morning leila fowler's
older brother is in custody accused of killing her. >> two weeks after leila fowler was found stabbed to death, police make a stunning announcement. >> arrested leila's brother and on charges of homicide. >> the little girl and her brother were alone in their family's northern california home when he told police that he'd seen an intruder leaving the house. the boy called his parent who then called 911 and he found his sister stabbed, she later died. authorities only released a sketchy description of a suspect. the small town of valley springs on edge as police searched for leila's killer. within the last few days her family stood together to remember her. >> i just want to thank the entire community and all of our family and friends for the
overwhelming amount of support you have given my family. it will never be forgotten. >> meanwhile, there are still many unanswered questions. questions about the motive and what led police to arrest leila fowler's 12-year-old brother. and we have breaking news out of new jersey. a three-day hostage standoff is over this morning. police say a man had been holding three children captive in a trenton home since friday. kyw reporter sigjoins us on the phone. you were just a comblouple bloc away. what did you see or hear? >> the hostage situation is over after 36 hours. we heard a gunshot shortly before 4:00 a.m. and someone was taken on a stretcher and put in an ambulance and police are not commenting on that. what they are telling us is that
the three hostages are safe and the t is in custody. they have not confirmed any of their names or ages. but sources tell us the three hostages included two teens and possibly a toddler. this all started friday afternoon after police got a phone call asking to request on a check on the welfare of those in that apartment. when police arrived, that's when they spotted a woman dead and possibly another may have been dead for several days. when they learned of this, a man who was at the home brandished a weapon and that's when police pulled back and that's when the hostage situation started. police tell us they will give us more details starting at 10:00 a.m. this morning. they haven't spoken to the media much in the past 36 hours, but hoping to get as many details about the situation as possible. that's the very latest in trenton. >> thank you. we certainly will be checking in with you as you do get more
information here in the coming hours. now, to washington and that growing outrage over how the irs treated tea party groups in the run up to the election. they knew as far back as 2011 that agents were singling out nonprofit conservative groups and making it harder to get tax exempt status. that's all in a new treasury department report coming out this week. athe athena jones joins us from washington. they're looking to see if the irs broke the rules by playing politics here. >> that's right, good morning. i spoke with an official for tax administration. they say they're doing this audit at the request of congress to look at agency operations and procedures and make any recommendations. and this is something that certainly many members of congress and that the white house say that they support. white house spokesman jay carney put out a statement just yesterday saying if the
inspector general broke the rules or any government officials act aed imprurp impro that the president wants to see swift and appropriate steps to deal with that misconduct. this is something getting a lot of attention because if the irs is playing politics, that's not a good thing. >> it appears some folks were looking at certain names. if they had patriot or tea party in their name, they would get extra scrutiny. what does that mean? >> exactly. extra scrutiny means some of these groups were asked to provide all sorts of additional information that other groups weren't. one group atalked about 88 questions. so, a long questionnaire. i spoke with someone from a co-founder of the tea party patriots, that's one of the largest tea party organizations in the country and she described what her group was asked to do. let's listen to her speak. >> we have a million fans now on facebook going through and finding comments in every single
post on facebook. hours and hours of work and massive amounts of paper. and the fact that the irs was doing this, it'ssolutely disgusting. it's abuse of power. >> that's jenny beth describing what the irs asked her group to do. provide all these comments from the facebook fan page. these are the sort of things that her group was subjected to. they applied for tax exempt status in 2009 and they still haven't heard back from the irs. so, this is something that is going to continue to get a lot of attention here in washington. >> it sure is. this will be a continuing story. athena jones for us here in washington, thank you. coming up, a helicopter goes down, but the pilot walks away. the dramatic moments all caught on tape. emergency repairs, as well, finished at the international space station. we were following this yesterday. what is the first thing a space
commander does? he tweets about it. see what he says, next.
a top turkish official has linked the government of syrian president to a pair of car balm abing that killed 43 people. according to reuters the "usual suspects" behind the bombs yesterday. an investigation found the bombers were in contact with syria's secret police. syria's information minister denies his country had anything to do with the attacks. one of the first responders to last month's fertilizer plant explosion last month is ready to enter a plea to a pipe bomb charge. his client will enter a not guilty plea in federal court on wednesday. investigators had launched a criminal probe into the blast that killed 14 people, but they haven't said whether reed's arrest is connected to the explosion. watch very closely here. that giant, that red streak you see going by, you could see it a little better there.
that was a helicopter crash landing on a busy honolulu street last week. what's amazing here is that nobody was seriously injured. in fact, the pilot is being hailed as a hero for safely landing that powerless helicopter. faa investigators are taking a closer look at that damaged chopper. no leaks. that's what the commander of the international space station tweeted after two astronauts completed emergency repair. they finished their spacewalk yesterday after replacing a pump that was leaking ammonia. nasa said the crew was never in danger because of the leak but could have caused major problems with the station's cooling system. balancing on a pair of crutches, a boston bombing survivor lives out a life-long dream. we'll bring you her story just ahead. [ male announcer ] in your lifetime, you will lose 3 sets of keys 4 cell phones 7 socks and 6 weeks of sleep
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tiger woods is looking for his second player championship title. but after yesterday everyone is talking about his war of words with sergio garcia. this morning's bleacher report. >> good morning, brianna. no love loss between tiger and sergio over the years and after yesterday it doesn't look like these two are going to be buddies any time soon. all started on the second hole during yesterday's third round. tiger was in the trees while sergio was on the fairway. after he took his shot, he immediately looked over towards tiger. he claims tiger wasn't paying attention and caused the crowd to cheer during his back swing. during the rain delay, sergio would voice his displeasure with tiger. >> you do have a feel when the other guy is going to hit. he must have pulled a 5 or 3 out of the rough and everyone
started screaming, that didn't help very much. >> they told me he already hit so i pulled the club and was getting ready to play my shot and i hear his comments afterwards and not real surprising that he is complaining about something. >> oh, it's not done yet because of the weather. tiger and sergio didn't finish their round yesterday so they will have to play four more holes together today. if you like low-scoring defensive battles, yesterday knicks/pacers game was for you. both teams shot just 35% from the field, but indiana was able to dominate the boards. the pacers won game three, 82-71 to take a two-game lead in the series a. heather abbott who lost part of her leg in the marathon balm abinges fired in a strike right there. saturday also a very special day as it was the day she returned home from the hospital. we also saw very special
moment in chicago yesterday. sleked out of the crowd to throw the first pitch and right before she did, her daughter amanda who is in the navy surprised her out on the field. she hasn't seen amanda a in 16 months. a great mother's day present a day early. i'm sure it's one she's never going to forget. >> just picked out randomly out of the crowd. >> so she thought. >> what a fun surprise. happy mother's day to her. andy, thank you for that. a cnn world exclusive out of jail and stunned. hear what the brothers of accused kidnapper and rapist ariel castro have to say. and an arrest in a northern california stabbed to death. i like to swish it around a little... [ swishing ] and it's that easy! my mouth has never felt cleaner. [ male announcer ] go pro with crest pro-health clinical rinse. i take really good care of my teeth, but i've definitely kicked it up a level this time.
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now for a quick update on mortgages. rate rose higher from last week. take a look.
listen, your story line, it makes for incredible tv drama. thing is, your drug use is too adult for the kids, so i'm going to have to block you. oh, man. yeah. [inhales] well, have a good one. you're a nice lady. welcome back. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. take a look at that gorgeous shot there of lady liberty in new york city. beautiful morning. and a special welcome to our troops watching on the american forces network, i'm brianna keilar and it's half past the
hour. almost, about 6:27 eastern here. now, to a cnn exclusive. when ariel castro was arrested on charges of kidnapping and rapist three women in his cleveland home, police also arrested his two brothers showing their faces to the world. in the mind of many, all three men were monsteres, but last thursday police released pedro and onil saying neither man had anything to do with the capture and torture of amanda berry, genie dejesus and michelle knight. both men sat down and talked to martin savidge about the ordeal. they say they're glad that they're free asand safe, but haunted by missed clues and haunted by the media and they are receiving death threats for something they did not do. >> do you worry now that people will always suspect that you
actually did -- >> yes. >> absolutely. >> and the people out there that know me, they know that onil castro is not that person. has nothing to do with that. would never even think of something like that. i was a very liked person, individual. i have never had any enemies. no reason for anybody to think that i would ever do something like that. it's a shock to all my friends. they couldn't believe it. >> i couldn't never think of doing anything like that. if i had known that my brother was doing this, i would not be, i would not, in a minute, i would call the cops because that ain't right. but, yeah, it's going to haunt me down. because people are going to think pedro got something to do with this.
pedro don't have anything to do with this. if i knew, i would have reported hm. brother or no brother. >> you can see much more of martin's exclusive interview including hearing the one strange rule ariel castro demanded his brothers followed when inside his home. you'll also hear what they say when one brother confronted ariel about the mysterious little girl that looked so much like him. now to california and a stunning development in a case that rocked a small community and captured the attention of the nation. this is the stabbing death of 8-year-old leila fowler. they have taken her 12-year-old brother into custody. >> at 5:12 p.m. police arrested leila's 12-year-old brother on charges of homicide. >> the suspect seen here at a vigil after leila's death originally told police that he saw an intruder leaving the
family a's home on april 27th and then he found his 8-year-old sister stabbed. police did not say why they believe the 12-year-old may have killed his sister. as one boston bombing suspect recovers in a prison hospital and the body of his older brother is buried in an unmarked grave in virginia, life for many bostonians is edging back to normal. paula newton has more on a city that has remained boston strong. >> even in cambridge, the place that tsarnaevs call aed home for years, the days are mercifully quiet, again. more and more, talk of terror gives way to what you would expect here. how are those bruins and red sox doing? the red sox at fenway park, you know, what could be a better tonic for this city now so determined to carry on.
you know for so many victims and their family as going to sporting events like this is part of their recovery. >> with undeniable courage heather abbott is back at fenway park. a red sox game on the day of the marathon that brought her to boston. after the game, she was grabbing a bite to eat at the race finish line. and then there the bombs went off. she lost her left foot. so, imagine the strength it takes to come back to fenway and throw out the first pitch. abbott is firm. there is no use looking back, she says. the investigation does continue. dzhokhar tsarnaev is recovering in a hospital and will face more proceedings in the couple days. hire a new lawyer with expertise in terror cases. investigators still want to question her and then tamerlan tsarnaev.
an fbi team still on the ground in russia investigating what contact and influence extremistess might have had with him. >> we don't have that evidence, but that's the evidence that everyone is looking for. that connection, that link. >> david is a veteran "boston globe" reporter who lived in boston for a decade. he spent the last month trying to retrace his path to extremism. the older brother clearly went looking for literature and video for that. >> did looking at that convince him, hey, i'm living in a place surrounded by americans, americans are killing muslims and therefore i have to go out and kill americans. the idea i'm so radicalized i identify enemy with these people here and i'm going to kill them. that's something that rashzal pe people have trouble with. >> that's what this city is starting to come to terms with. the simple question of why is almost impossible to answer. paula newton, cnn, boston. a state of emergency for one community devastated by a
massive wall of ice. we will tell you how this happened.
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this just in to cnn. four people with gunshot wounds were found in a wanesville, indiana, home late last noit. no suspects in custody and authorities are investigating this as a quadruple homicide. three males were found dead in the living room and a female was
found dead in the bedroom. we'll keep our eyes on this for details and bring you the latest as we get it. let's also go to atlanta where a women claims she was bitten in the stomach by a bomb sniffing dog at hartsfield jackson international airport here in atlanta. she told wsb that she did nothing to provoke that dog and treated by paramedics at the airport. you can see her wound there. according to the tsa who provides dogs to the airport, "they're working with atlanta pd to investigate the incident." police in jacksonville beach, florida, telling residents to be on the lookout for an eight-foot long boa constrictor on the loose. that's not the video you're seeing. that's a wall of ice and i want to tell you what you're seeing there. that's a look at this mess in canada after a massive wall of lake ice swept over the community there. about 20 homes and cottages were
damaged. local authorities there have declared a state of emergency. high winds, warmer temperatures there, that's what's being blamed for the disaster. this is actually the same community that was devastated by major flooding two years ago. and it does look like a sunny mother's day for most of the u.s. that's the good news, right? meteorologist karen maginnis, looking good for mom? >> for the most part, it does. we have little hiccups as an area of low pressure treks across the northeast and new england and as it does, in its wake we'll see showers for new york and boston and that will move out fairly quickly. behind this area of low pressure, this cold air will be located and temperatures chilly than they should be for this time of year. well, most of the midwest and the great lakes will see readings about five to ten degrees cooler than where they should be and snowfall has occurred across the great lakes and that video that we saw out of winnipeg, they saw 50-mile-per-hour winds and the wind pushed the ice on those
homes. essentially gobbled up by the ice and they were saying the ice was about 30 feet high in some areas. all right, over the last several days, exceptional hot temperatures across the pacific northwest, but seattle, no, not today. your temperatures have been in the 80s the last several days. today, a high of only 66 degrees. but we will see the threat of freezing temperatures all the way from the dakotas into wisconsin, michigan, down into the tennessee river valley into the allegheny region and the hudson valley and temperatures are only going to be in the 20s and 30s. frost and freeze warnings out for a lot of these areas. they'll spring back fairly quickly. look at these overnight lows and morning temperatures. chicago only about 41 degrees. indianapolis around 39 and dayton we'll see around 37 degrees. if you planted a beautiful garden, you've got some of the tender plants. you need to make sure they're covered because you'll be a
little disappointed when you wake up and they're not sprouting back the way you would like them. in burbank, california, 96 degrees and just to the north, a record setting high temperature there of 101 degrees. and you may remember the big fire that they were watching that burned thousands of acres there in camarillo, california. the temperature is 79, that doesn't sound that exciting. but a record high temperature for them. walla walla, washington, these temperatures running 10 to 20 degrees above where they should be for this time of year. but, no, at least it looks like it is coming to an end probably today, if not, in fact, on monday. but areas across the central plains like minneapolis. look at this. sunday's high temperature goes from about 60 degrees, daytime high and then by tuesday, we're looking at 90 for the afternoon temperature. dodge city, kansas, 95 degrees by tuesday.
so, we go from exceptionally cool for this time of year to exceptionally hot where we'll see some record-setting temperatures, no doubt. that's a look at your weather across the nation. >> it's like a last gasp of winter before the warm stuff comes on for good. i hope, anyways. karen maginnis, thanks for that. if you have been following prince harry's visit maybe you wonder where his u.s. tour will take him next, how about new jersey. that's right, the prince is meeting up with governor chris christie. what is on their joint agenda? oh, hi thehey!ill. are you in town for another meeting? yup, i brought my a-team. business trips add up to family time.
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good morning, atlanta. a live look at the downtown skyline. all around cnn world headquarters here. you can see the sun creeping up back there. we're looking at a high of 70 degrees today with a whole lot of sun. that's pretty nice here in atlanta. we hope, of course, that all of you are having a very happy mother's day. some of the events to keep an eye on in the week ahead-on monday, aurora, colorado, shooting suspect james holmes is expected to enter an insanity plea. he faces charges for killing 12 people in the shooting spree last july. then on wednesday in arizona the jodi arias murder trial continues with the aggravation phase. jurors found her guilty of first degree murder in the slaying of her ex-boyfriend and now they'll decide if she will get the death
penalty. on thursday, google's annual conference. the conference kicks off in san francisco. hundreds of the world's top developers will gather to share new products, games, apps that they'll roll out in the coming months. on thursday, the hearing in boston. one of the three friends accused of helping marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. last week he posted bond. he is now on house arrest. saturday, where the fun begins. the preakness stakes. the colt who won the kentucky derby earlier this month, he's going for the second leg in the coveted triple crown. only 11 horses have won the triple crown, none since 1978. of course, we'll always be rooting for that. obama care front and center on capitol hill. paul steinhauser has more on
this busy political week ahead. paul? >> good morning, brianna. the house of representatives is expected to repeal the affordable care act, better known as obama care. the republican-controlled house has voted more than 30 times to repeal parts or all of the health care measure since it was passed into law three years ago. >> obama care will drive up the cost of health care and drive up the cost of health insurance. >> the white house and congressional democrats obviously disagree. what do you think? one of the most recent polls suggest americans are divided with 41% approving of the law and 46%. it indicates a wide partisan divide. also this week, mark sanford comes to washington to get sworn in. the former south carolina governor whose career was left for dead following an infamous career last week won election to a congressional seat he once
held. britain's prince harry teams up with chris christie. he will join with the tough talking republican governor to tour parts of new jersey hard hit last year by hurricane sandy and mitt romney makes a rare appearance in the media spotlight. he joins jay leno on late night television. brianna. >> paul steinhauser, thank you for that. martin savidge sits down with the brothers of accused cleveland kidnapper ariel castro. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it.
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we want to get you more information now on the breaking news that we told you about in
indiana. four people with gunshot wound were found dead in wanesville, indiana, in a home there. that was last night. we want to get to our jill glavine, she is with our affiliate wxyn. good morning to you. what can you tell us? >> good morning. we know very little at this point. the big thing that we've gotten from the sheriff's department is that they do not have a suspect in custody. they're calling this a quadruple homicide. this is a small town just south of columbus, indiana. what we know from the sheriff's department, what we heard is that there is a man who lives in a home here that got home from work about 10:30 and found two people in that home with blood on them and called 911. it was when sheriff deputies got here they found two more people. four people in this home here, again, in a small community. it is three men found in a living room area and a woman found in the bedroom.
the person that called 911 lives in the house. he lives there with his mom and stepfather. there is no suspect in custody. they're still investigating at this point as a quadruple homicide and possibly someone out there who did do this. at this point it's very early. they have a lot of people here investigating crime scene techs and people going in and out of this house. they just brought an a ambulance. we are awaiting more details and expecting this investigation, especially because it's so small and this is not the kind of thing that normally happens in this area that it will take them some time to figure out what happens. brian brianna. >> have they ruled out a murder/suicide here. are they sure at this point it's a quadruple homicide? >> that's what the sheriff is calling it. he pretty definitively called it quadruple homicide. he didn't take a single question from any reporters and he pretty
definitivetily said quadruple homicide and they don't have anyone in custody. we're, obvious laerx awaly, awa details on that. >> are they looking for someone? that a manhunt could ensue here? >> possibly. we have not seen anything of that kind at this point in this area, but that's what we're going off of. they don't have anyone in custody. they have someone who lives in that home which i'm sure will give them more information about exactly what's happening. what we have been told is that they're going to update this this afternoon but at that point we'll hear more from the sheriff department and whether there is any information they need to get out to the public. at this point, they're not releasing anything like that. >> thank you so much for the information with our affiliate wxin. incredible video released yesterday that shows a shootout inf fulorida last july.
we need to warn you, the video is quite graphic. standing only feet away, detective was shot three times as he traded fire. two bullets hit him in the stomach and another in the leg and another, pardon me, another officer that killed the shooter. one of the officers honored today by president obama at the top cops awards. actually, i think that was yesterday at the white house he was honored, one of a few dozen who was honored there at the white house. let's check in, as well, on other stories we're following this morning. a lost boa constrictor like the one you see here has a florida neighborhood on edge. why? the eight-foot columbian red tail was reported missing by his owner last week. he hasn't been seen since. no one wants to see him, as you can imagine.
the snake whose name is alice has eaten recently, he's probably close by. that hasn't reassured some neighbors. they'll be staying inside until that little, big snake is found. in houston, a new game in town, or rather new fans of an old game. bingo. >> 069. >> bingo. >> that is a good bingo. >> yeah, your eyes aren't deceiving you. a decidingly younger crowd showing up for a game that has been known as a favorite of the silver set. bingo has been rising in popularity among players in their 20s who can bring their own food and beverages. so, byob bingo. rest assured, though, they are not driving out the older players. the crowd is quiet while the numbers are called, but plenty of boos when someone yells out bingo. the benghazi hearings this week were overshadowed by the
jodi arias murder trial. so "saturday night live" got creative to help capitol hill boost their ratings. >> the chair calls ms. jodi arias. >> do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? >> i do. >> if you ask me, i think she was called for boosting the ratings for these hearing and getting the media to cover them. >> that is a very mean and hurtful thing for my colleague to suggest. >> when were you first made aware that our consulate was under attack? >> i guess this morning. >> i see. >> is it still going on? >> no. no. it happened last september. but my question -- >> who do you think did it? >> well, we don't know w-- >> if you know who did it, then why are you holding these hea a
hearings? >> the way these hearings work, we ask the questions and you answer them. >> i'm sorry. >> that's all right. does anyone else have a question for this witness? anyone? okay. well, thank you for coming. >> you bet. >> why i got you here, that story you told about your boyfriend attacking you, that was bs, right? >> totally. he never laid a hand on me. >> yeah, sounded fishy to me. >> you and the jury. >> thank you for starting your morning with us. we have much more ahead on cnn sunday morning, which starts right now. good morning, everyone. i'm brianna keilar. it is 7:00 on the east coast and 4:00 on the west. thanks for starting your morning with us. we begin this morning with a cnn world exclusive. let's go straight now to cleveland and cnn national correspondent susan candiotti. susan?
>> brianna, when ariel castro was arrested on charges of raping and kidnapping, police arrested his two brothers showing their faces to the world. in the minds of many, all three men were monsteres. but last thursday police released pedro and onil castro saying neither man had anything to do with the alleged abduction and torture of amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. for the first time since their release both men sitting down and talking exclusively with cnn's martin savidge about their brother and their ordeal. they're grateful the young women and 6-year-old little girl are finally free and safe, but haunted by missed clues, haunted by the media and receiving death threats for something they say they did not do. do you worry now? that people will alws